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Press Release : Greenpeace New Zealand

   Australia To Ban Super Trawlers

info Coordination marée noire
mardi 11 septembre 2012
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Greenpeace congratulated the Australian Government today for showing the courage to prevent the Abel Tasman super trawler fishing in Australian waters.

Super trawlers use an indiscriminate fishing method which can decimate fish stocks and kill turtles, dolphins, seals and other marine animals.

The first super trawler arrived in South Australia at the end of August. At that time it was named the Margiris . New Zealanders Peter and Donna Simunovich are major shareholders in the joint venture which was about to start operating the ship in South Australian waters.

Greenpeace hailed it as a victory for the Australian community which has united to reject this monster ship. The decision also sends a message to the global super-sized fishing fleets that world community opposition is growing to their unsustainable business model. “This is what happens when we all stand together,” said Greenpeace Head of Campaigns Ben Pearson.


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