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   Rena : preparations for removal of accomodation block under way

info Coordination marée noire
vendredi 6 septembre 2013
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The first of two heavy lift floating cranes, the "RMG 500" to remove the accommodation block from the "Rena" is expected to arrive at Taurange reef in September. Depending on the weather accommodation section on the sunken stern nay be in port and get dismantled by Resolve Salvage & Fire during December. The smaller of the two crane barges, the "RMG 1000" and an AHTS was being expected in October. Cutting on the block was earlier expected to start in October. The operation to remove the accommodation section was to involve chain-cutting and removing the block in two sections. The actual removal was expected to only take a few days, but a lengthy preparation period was being required. The plan was to saw off the accommodation block in two sections by using a chain pulled back and forward from a moored barge which will take a weather window of only a few days. But the whole operation, mooring the heavy lift barges and preparing the cut, was expected to take 80 days in total. The "Rena" owners and insurers took the decision to remove the accommodation block from the submerged section lying down the slope of the reef because it was built of lighter gauge materials than the ship’s hull and will eventually break up. However, environmental experts have not identified any environmentally harmful material in the accommodation block. Any debris that might be released and eventually wash ashore would be picked up by the shoreline monitoring and clean-up process which was put in place. To avoid the uncertainty of not knowing when this might happen and how long it could go on for, the removal which amounts to a further considerable cost, was chosen in order to minime the effects on the community of the "Rena" grounding as much possible. Leaving accommodation section would have been of interest to recreational divers, and the initial approach was to consider leaving it as part of the wreck after making it safer for divers, but it was impossible to tell how long it would stay in that condition before the effects of wave action and the strong currents caused it to deteriorate and become a hazard to their safety. Meanwhile, debris removal cleaning-up the reef between the bow and sunken stern sections continued. So far 743 tonnes of material has been removed and shipped to shore. Divers have identified and removed the first of two remaining containers holding plastic beads in cargo hold four. They were awaiting settled weather to investigate the remaining contents on the second container and remove as far as practicable.


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