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   Sinking Turkish coaster ANAFARTA grounded near Riva, Black Sea

info Coordination marée noire
mercredi 2 octobre 2013
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Accident tok place near Riva Küpelitaş point. Turkish flag coaster ship ANAFARTA with a length of 70 meters, started taking on water due to a damage made by backhoe loader which was excavating sand from the sea bottom and loading to the ship.

Started taking on water, ship’s captain made a VHF Mayday Call to the Istanbul Directorate of Vessel Traffic Services and KEGM 9 and KIYEM-1 fast rescue boats were dispatched to the ship as well as the tug named Sonduren-4 tug. As the ship was very close to the shore, land rescue teams from the the Mehmet Genç land rescue station also dispatched to the accident site.

The ship had 11 crewmembers onboard and while the rescue teams arrive, the captain took the ship aground on purpose to prevent sinking.

8 of 11 crewmembers were rescued by fast rescue boat KEGM-9 of General Directorate of Coastal Safety (DGCS).

The Captain, Chief Officer and Chief Engineer of the ship refused to leave the ship as they are waiting for Owner’s instructions.


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