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   Be cautious around sunken merchant vessel, ships told

info Coordination marée noire
mardi 22 octobre 2013
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The Indian Coast Guard has sensitised West Bengal and Odisha about the threat of an oil spill and issued an advisory for all mariners to exercise caution when navigating in the area where Panama-registered MV Bingo sank off the Indian coast.

The China-bound merchant vessel sank off Sagar Island Oct 12, unable to withstand the fury of the cyclone Phailin.

A defence ministry statement said Tuesday the wreck was located by Coast Guard aircraft Oct 15, and its position has been marked with a buoy.

The Coast Guard ships and aircraft are regularly monitoring the status of the sunken ship, which contained 8,125 metric tons of iron ore, 232 tons of fuel oil and about 30 tons of diesel when it sank.


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