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   Province making good on promise to have MV Miner wreck removed

info Coordination marée noire
jeudi 31 octobre 2013
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citations de l'article provenant de : The Cape Breton Post .ca

Main-a-Dieu resident Sean Howard welcomed a provincial government announcement on Wednesday that it will issue a call for proposals for the removal of the derelict ship MV Miner, which has been hung up on the rocky shore of nearby Scatarie Island for two years.

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A file photo shows a water-level view of the MV Miner, aground on Scatarie Island, with extensive structural damage on a large portion of the ship on Oct. 13, 2011. The 230-metre ship broke free from its tow vessel before coming to rest along the rocky island.

"I don’t think we could expect anything more at this stage. We are tremendously relieved and encouraged that they seem to be moving so fast," said Howard, who as a spokesman for a local community development association has been a leader in the fight to have the derelict ship removed.

"Hopefully, the new government regards this as an issue whereby very visibly they can demonstrate they mean what they say, and when they say they are going to help a community in trouble, they are going to do it."

Howard said the provincial government obviously needs a response from the federal government, even though it is ready to take the initiative to get rid of the MV Miner.

Geoff MacLellan, the new Nova Scotia Liberal government’s minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, said on Wednesday the province will issue a request for proposals as soon as possible for the removal of the MV Miner from Scatarie Island, which is a provincially protected wilderness area.


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