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   CP Valour wreck removal project

jeudi 4 mai 2006
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... Work on the contract, awarded by the P&I Club (on behalf of the Owners) last week, has already commenced in the Azores. A substantial fleet of vessels is already proceeding to the grounding site, just off the island of Faial, to undertake the wreck removal.


The vessel is now hard aground on sand over volcanic rock. CP Valour was a strong vessel but the grounding resulted in very severe bottom damage. The casualty is in fully flooded condition (including the engineroom). No tanks have been left intact by the grounding and its aftermath. Bunkers have been removed but CP Valour was found to be impossible to salve. The vessel was declared a Constructive Total Loss The bay where the vessel grounded is exposed to hostile weather from the north-west. Consequently, the project has been timed to make the most of the Summer season. The work programme will commence when the salvage vessel Jacomina arrives and begins to clear debris from the wreck site. In particular, Jacomina will clear the way for the jack-up MEB-JB1, which is to be positioned alongside CP Valour.



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