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  Lack of oil waste facilities in Med

    jeudi 19 mai 2005

Lack of oil waste facilities in Med

SHIPS are discharging oil waste at sea because ports in the Mediterranean do not have sufficient waste reception facilities, according to an advisory body to the UN and IMO. Lilia Khodjet El Khil, technical officer at the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (Rempec), said : “We are convinced that ships are discharging at sea because they do not have options to do otherwise.”

The warning from Rempec emerges following the conclusion of a three year study on port facilities and pollution prevention and response. Khodjet El Khil said that while North African Mediterranean ports were the ones largely lacking reception facilities, there were also some EU member state ports that do not have adequate facilities. The need for all Mediterranean ports to have such facilities was underlined by Khodjet El Khil’s claim that if they did not, an EU crack down on ship polluters in the Mediterranean could lead to operators moving routes closer to North African countries.