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  Ship collision raises oil spill fears in Gulf of Kutch

    samedi 20 mars 2004

Our Regional Bureau in Ahmedabad Published : March 20, 2004

The collision of two ships and the subsequent sinking of one of them in the Arabian Sea today has led to fears of an oil spill in the Gulf of Kutch.

The MV Delta-1 collided head-on with the MV Pushan, which was heading towards the Mundra port in Kutch district, early today.

The MV Delta-1, carrying vegetable oil, was coming out of the Kandla port. It broke into two pieces under the impact of the collision and sank later.

The MV Kota Tegu, which was nearby, rescued 18 of the 19 crew members of the MV Delta-1. Coast Guard personnel helped save the life of the remaining crew member after they received a message from the Mundra Port officials and the crew members of the sinking ship.

Teams from the state environment department and experts from the Coast Guard are investigating if there is any oil spillage that may harm the area’s marine life. Initial reports are expected to reach in another day’s time.

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