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  Tanker attacked off Lagos

    mercredi 12 septembre 2012

Torm Gertrud

In the evening of Sep 9, 2012, the "Torm Gertrud" was attacked and shot at by pirates who tried to hijack the ship. No crew members, half of whom were Danish nationalities, were injured in the attack that lasted 20 minutes. The "Torm Gertrud" was en route from the port of Lagos to the open sea when the attack took place. A fast boat caught up with the product tanker,then the armed pirates opened fire on the tanker in an attempt to stop it. The Danish captain immediately gave orders to pick up speed, activate the ship’s water cannons and make evasive maneuvers to make it difficult for pirates to get on board the tanker. The pirates undertook several attempts to get on board the ship, but without success. The "Torm Getrud" was sailing in ballast. There were armed guards on board. After the attack the tanker returned Lagos, where the crew underwent a debriefing. The "Torm Gertrud" has now taken a new cargo on board and is underway to Las Palmas.

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