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  Three sailors evacuated in Aarhus Bay

    lundi 14 janvier 2013

14-01-2013 10:00:00

Three seriously poisoned crew members were on Sunday evacuated by a rescue helicopter from the Nigerian registered bulk carrier Atlanta in the Bay of Aarhus.

The three Filipino crew members had severe symptoms of poisoning after they had worked in a hold that had been cleaned with gases.

Their condition was so bad that the ship’s captain refused an offer from Aarhus Harbour to get the crew. SOK took the decision to request a rescue helicopter, while the Naval Home Guard vessel Brigade was sent to the location.

When the rescue helicopter arrived to the position the helicopter’s doctor was hoisted onto the freighter, and she took the immediate decision that the three crew members should be taken ashore by the helicopter.

The rescue helicopter evacuated the three sick sailors and flew them to Aarhus port from where they were brought forth to the hospital in ambulances. The three Filipino seamen are now reported out of danger.

The freighter Atlanta is now detained by the Maritime Authority until further investigation has been completed.

Source : SOK and MHV

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